★  A goal without a plan is only a dream.

Planning Your Future

Retirement income is not about assets, it is about income. Your assets can be lost, stolen, swindled, sued, divorced or decimated by a market crisis. Retirement is about income and risk management.

Common Mistakes Made When Preparing For Retirement:

  • Under estimating life expectancy
  • Paying too much in taxes
  • Not preparing for the impact of inflation
  • Relying on income that is not guaranteed for life.
  • Not preparing for potential catastrophic expenses, primarily health care.
  • Focusing on financial products instead of strategic planning.
  • Underestimating the drop in income when a spouse dies.

For You To Have “Peace Of Mind” In Retirement You Must Have The Answers To These Questions:

  • When can I/we retire comfortably?
  • How much guaranteed income do I/we need to cover our living expenses?
  • If there is an extended market decline, how long will my/our invested money last?
  • Are I/we prepared for a serious health issue?
  • Are the taxes I/we pay the lowest they can be?
  • If one of us dies early, will the survivor have “peace of mind”, for the rest of their life?

Working with a knowledgeable professional will help you answer these questions the right way and in the right order.

At Federal Benefits Advisors, we are ready to partner with you to prepare a roadmap towards “peace of mind” for the rest of your lives. With guidance your vision can be transformed into reality.